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Post-storm life

Post-storm life

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

Our neighborhood – which includes thousands of acres of rolling oak savanna, wildlife of all kinds, cattle and horses, dogs and cats and a few humans – is so beautiful right now.

We had a couple of big winter storms blow through last week. Rain pouring for hours on end, wind whistling and whooshing, instant rivers gushing through long-dry gulches.

Even yesterday it rained and misted and drizzled and then rained some more. But today our neighborhood looks brand new. It almost sparkles. The grass is straight up, the sky is crystal clear blue and the clouds are so bright-white it almost hurts to look at them.

Driving home today, I saw a white heron standing in a meadow rain-pond like a tall, slim statue. Then it spread its wings and with great deliberation flew low across the field, its long, smooth feathers skimming the grass. Its stunning whiteness against the deep, dripping green of the meadow grass was so intense it shocked me with pleasure.

A little farther on in a neighbor’s field, I noticed a large gaggle of Canada Geese (maybe as many as 25) staring intently in the same direction, and advancing as one toward their goal. Their silent focus and body language made them look like they were stalking something. Slowly, carefully progressing together toward some point of common interest.

And then I saw it, an orange barn cat, flattened against the ground, intent on a small creature-target of its own. The cat, taut and ready to pounce, had no idea of the crowd heading toward it, just as (I suppose) it’s prey had no idea the feline was about to attack.

I didn’t wait to see who did what to whom. I suspect the cat did not catch what it was after, and the geese will not catch the cat, either. But all of them will have a good fright and a good run and when they settle in at home tonight, they’ll all have had a very happy day.


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