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The Sound of Rain

The Sound of Rain

Posted By Sunny Lockwood

The slab of gray slid in low about 2 this afternoon, dropping the temperature and promising rain. By 4 the wind was tossing branches. Now, at 7, the rain is pouring.

I can hear it turning my footpath soft and muddy. There will be ponds in the lower fields by morning.

This afternoon, just as the wind was starting to pick up, I watched two Canada geese rise from the green pasture down the road and fly through the oaks. Above them the sky darkened angrily. But a shaft of sunlight shot beneath the cloud-cover and caught them like a spotlight, highlighting their graceful, muscular beauty.

A herd of five deer were peacefully chewing their cud in our front yard as I drove in--a large doe and four younger ones, all at different stages of development. They were reluctant to leave their comfortable positions along the ridge overlooking our lower meadow. However, when I climbed out of the car, they all stood up and headed out. They made a point out of walking very slowly, pausing every few yards to glance back with what I interpreted as complaining glances.

Where do the animals go during this cold, windy, drenching weather? I see the wild turkey. They’re all hunched over and looking miserable.

But the deer and the rabbits and the skunks and the raccoons are nowhere to be seen.

As I hear the wind rise, as the rain slams against my office windows, I hope all the animals have found shelter tonight.


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